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The Name...

The inspiration for Silver Wings Studio come from the following quote:

I have a premonition
that soars on silver wings,
It is a dream of our accomplishment
Of many wondrous things,
I do not know beneath which sky
Or where you'll challenge fate,
I only know it will be high,
I only know it will be GREAT!
- Anonymous

Artist's Statement

From my first experience with clay, I was captivated by it. There was something sacred about it.

This material was both ancient and contemporary. It could be worked in a liquid, semi - solid or solid state and it required the interaction of all of the elements to produce a finished piece.

The range it had seemed vast. The clay made me aware of its bond with human history and working with it evoked within me, the ancient link between the earth and man. This feeling has not left me.

My work is a personal response to this relationship and the knowledge of the clay's reaction to my handling. The form it takes is the result of thoughtful study of shape and function to develop an approach for producing a particular piece. The process of making each piece is planned and executed according to that "blueprint". Each step must be completed at the right time and in the correct sequence or the results may be compromised.

A layering of glazes is used to create surfaces with depth. Glaze depth increases movement within my forms and enhances their formal beauty. This depth also increases the interaction between viewer and object, providing an area for visual exploration within the surface of the pot. The glazes I choose are generally quite variable depending on the firing atmosphere and I am continually expanding my palette. Through manipulation of the firing process and glaze application I am able to achieve varied surfaces that offer another world of exploration.

About Elizabeth Westveer

Elizabeth WestveerI am originally from Columbia SC, but my mother's family has roots in the mountains. I spent most summers in Blowing Rock with my grandparents and loved talking with the local and visiting artists. My first experience with clay started in summer camps and school. I loved to play with the clay and would have majored in art, but my family believed everyone should major in business. I took a lot of art classes to go along with business. I met and married my husband while working in Banner Elk NC and then we moved to his home town of Spruce Pine NC.

After moving to Spruce Pine NC, I started back taking classes at UNC-A, A-B Tech, and Penland School of Crafts, as well as local artist workshops. Over the last several years I have had the joy of traveling extensively with my mother. As we traveled to places just as China, Thailand, Turkey, and Tahiti I was able to study art from other countries. If I find a piece that I love, I try to break it down into what parts I like and then I play with that part until I have made it mine. I then incorporate it into my work

Ten years ago, I started selling my work. Most of my functional work is based on items that I want to use in my own home, but I love looking at other peoples ‘ work and talking with artists about their inspiration. My work is a combination of slabs of clay and extruded attachments. I use stamps that I collected in my travels as well as material that mean a lot to me.


March, 2013

Asheville Glass Studio

Bead-Making Class


A One of a Kind Gallery

Out of the Box Show (Invitational)

June, 2012

Barbara McGuire

Polymer Clay Cane Making Class

May, 2012

Asheville Glass Studio

Hot Glass Class


Toe River Arts Council

NC Clay Club Show


John Britt Studio

Photography Workshop


John Britt Studio

Glaze Workshop

August, 2006

Penland School of Crafts

Holly Walker Workshop


Tracey Dotson/Jan Welch


University of North Carolina at Asheville

Clay Workshop


Asheville/Buncombe Tech

Laurie Faye Long Clay Studio

August, 2005

Penland School of Crafts

James Watkins Workshop

June, 2004

Penland School of Crafts

Stanley Anderson Workshop


Appalachian State University


University of Georgia

College of Education


Columbia College

Department of Education


Columbia College

Department of Business