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Welcome to the Store!

We now have an easy way for you to buy our products online: our new store! Make your choices from the comfort of your easy chair or through your phone or other mobile device. We'll ship them directly to you.

You can shop securely as we use PayPal with its industry-standard payment technology as our payments processor.

It's easy to shop:

Silver Wings Studio Product Sampler
  • Select the item that you want
  • Press the Add To Cart Button button
  • Add any other items you may want to purchase
  • Press the View Cart Button button and follow the checkout instructions
  • PayPal completes your transaction securely.
  • You do not have to have a PayPal account to use our store.

Info You Should Know

Here are details about commonly-asked questions about my products, the store, and the processes of shipping, taxes, and returns.

Using Our Products

While all the glazes used on products from Silver Wings Studio are food, oven and dishwasher safe, we suggest that you follow these guides when using our pottery:

  • It is always best to use dish for serving, but not storing food.
  • When using a dishwasher, do not use the heated dry setting. Water is absorbed in any non-glazed areas (i.e. foot rings) during washing and it will cause the water to expand during the drying cycle. This may cause cracks over a prolong period of time. Use a cold oven and heat the ceramic ware up with the oven to prevent shocking the piece.
  • Items are shipped within the week of the order being placed, but some items may not be in stock and will have to be made. You will be Contacted if there is a delay, which will include an estimated time of delivery.
  • Prices in the cart include shipping and handling per item, which also includes insurance against breakage (insurance is not optional).
  • Shipping prices are for domestic U.S. addresses only. Contact us if you would like to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or internationally.

Taxes are assessed for North Carolina residents and are added at check-out by PayPal.


Silver Wings Studio does accept returns on items if the following terms are met:

  • You must Contact me within 10 business days of the receipt of your item.
  • Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer and must have insurance on it.
  • A restocking fee of 10% of the cost of the item will be deducted from the refund.

Questions? Please Contact us.

Our Product Families

We offer several types of pottery designs through our online store. They are grouped by color.

 The Organic Bowls were created to mimic the flow of glaze on the clay. I use them every day for almost everything in my house (my husband even tosses junk in the one on the kitchen table.) I use them for chips, dips, salads, and anything else.

All the woven trays were created for my own use to store fruits and vegetables that need to breathe. The smallest woven tray was created for garlic, but I also keep one by the sink for my sponges. My friend keeps one by her bed for her jewelry. The medium and large woven tray was started for onions, tangerines, and smaller fruit, but I have also used them to serve baked goods like brownies and biscuits. The round woven tray was created when my apples trees started to come in. I keep one on the kitchen counter and keep fruit piled up in it, but I also have hole in the foot of the tray in case you want to hang it as decoration on the wall.

The lace trays were created because I hated not having a grouping that did not store easy as well as look good. The lace that I press into the trays came from my mother, and I think of her every time I see a tray. I use them constantly in the kitchen. I often serve appetizers on them; piling large amounts of veggies on them and using the smaller ones for dips and crackers. I have had some customers purchase the smaller ones for soap dishes or card holders.

Silver Wings Studio offers different design families for our products. Please select by design below:

Autumn Ice Category

Autumn Ice

Rich earthy tones combine with stark blues and whites to create a dramatic design.

Learn More

Opal Ice Category

Opal Ice

Light blues combine with with darker blues and a background of green in these designs.

Learn More

Light Gree Category

Light Green

A combination of greens, browns, and blues bring out the intricate designs in these pieces.

Learn More

Special Category


Unique creations that create or enhance a look or provide special functionality.

Learn More